Why we love working with natural Australian skincare brands.

As a Australian based product photography studio we work with a lot of Aussie beauty brands! Here are some of the reasons why we love them!

natural skincare australia

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Australia is an amazing country and its environmental treasures aren’t just about the stunning landscapes and our diverse wildlife. There are many unique Australian botanicals that have found their way into natural skincare products, specifically formulated to address many skin concerns.

I am a photographer specialising in photographing products. I’ve had the privilege of capturing the essence of many incredible Aussie beauty and skincare brands over the years. I love the commitment to clean, green beauty that we have here in Australia and it’s not lost on me how lucky I am to try so many of these brands. (Sometimes even before they are launched to the public.)

natural Australian skincare brands

The importance of sustainability

Here at NFE Branding Co, we’re not just about pretty pictures. As a team we’re passionate about partnering with brands that prioritise sustainability and organic practices, aligning with our own values and our commitment to a healthier earth. We believe that true beauty comes from within, both in terms of the unique ingredients and the ethical practices behind a brand’s story.

That’s why we often go beyond just capturing stunning product images. We work closely with our clients to develop a cohesive brand strategy. If desired, that can include a focus on telling a compelling story about their commitment to sustainability, their unique formulations, and the potent Australian botanicals they utilise.

As a product photographer and marketing strategist with a passion for all things sustainability (and a degree in the topic), organic practices and Aussie-made goodness makes me very excited!

Natural skincare deserves gorgeous soft light to showcase it’s beauty

I believe that natural light is the key to showcasing the true beauty of skincare products. It enhances textures, reveals the unique colours, and creates a sense of authenticity that resonates with consumers.

I find myself constantly inspired by the ever-changing range of products I receive through my door and love the challenge of adapting my approach to capture the perfect shot.

natural skincare australia incl kangaroo paw by nfe branding co

Through my camera lens, I strive to capture these details and bring them to life. Creating images that tell a story and ignite a desire for these uniquely Australian skincare treasures. Like this fresh kangaroo paw flower shown below, which looks so gorgeous alongside the dried chamomile flowers.

natural skincare australia incl kangaroo paw by nfe branding co
Australian natural skincare brands

Key Characteristics of Natural Skincare Products

I am very fortunate that I don’t have too many skin concerns, though I am quite sensitive to fragrances. Given that most natural ingredients still have a fragrance (i.e. they smell like the botanicals and other ingredients they contain), it is something to keep in mind, but as my issue is mainly with artificial fragrances then it isn’t too big of a deal in most cases.

As someone with sensitive skin, I’ve definitely found that natural skincare products are often gentler and less irritating than their synthetic counterparts. I love being able to recommend to friends and family brands that I know will be kind to even the most delicate skin type.

9 Tips for finding products to enhance your skin health.

  • Look for certified organic and cruelty-free certifications to ensure the brand’s commitment to sustainable ingredients and animal welfare.
  • Do your research and check the ingredient list for ingredients that have been developed to address specific skin concerns. Don’t trust every word that a brand’s marketing team tells you. If it’s your thing, then look at the science too.
  • Opt for a skincare range that offers a variety of products with benefits for different skin types and concerns. That way you can mix and match, and blend to create a beauty routine that suits you perfectly. End result: gorgeous smooth skin and that glow you have been searching for!
  • Work out what your goals are. Are you most in need of hydrated skin, or are you desiring a youthful glow? Are you just looking for a new go to serum or body wash or are you after a luxurious treat as part of a weekly self care routine? Are you searching for a solution to a very specific problem?
  • Remember – your go to skincare products will likely change as the seasons do, and also as you get older. What protects you from the sun and gives a glowing complexion at 20, is not the same product that will help with pigmentation and hydrate your skin at age 45.
  • Don’t ever skip sun protection, especially here in Australia! Protect your skin everyday from the sun – it is so much more harsh than we realise.
  • Your skin can reflect what’s going on inside, so always be mindful of your gut health. Look for signs that what you are eating could be an issue and if budget allows, try to keep as much of your food certified organic as possible. Your body will thank you!
  • Know your skin type – are you a combination skin gal? Do you get acne (and where – because that’s important too)? Is redness an issue, do you need hydrating or is soothing a bigger concern?
  • Please be mindful of when you use each product. Some vitamin based products should not be used before being exposed to sunlight.

The magic of natural beauty products!

The future of Australian skincare brands and healthy skin

As I mentioned above – do your research. The market is huge and there are new brands appearing almost weekly. Science will continue to inform the market as research into ageing, new vitamins, antioxidants and nature based ingredients evolves. At the end of the day running to the shop for a new serum or an oil won’t change your life but it might help you towards those pigmentation free, radiant, healthy skin dreams!

the magic of australian natural beauty products

Supporting local & loving your skin type with ingredients from nature

Each brand I work with has a unique story to tell, and my goal as a skincare product photographer is to translate that story into captivating visuals that connect with their audience. Whether it’s close-ups of rich, creamy cleansers especially for dry skin, splashing water everywhere while photographing a body wash product, dripping a face oil or serum, or a lifestyle shot capturing the breadth of an entire skincare routine, I strive to create images that evoke emotion and inspire action.

By choosing Australian natural skincare, you’re not only investing in your skin’s health and appearance but also supporting local businesses and sustainable practices. And who doesn’t love that warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re doing good while you’re looking good?

Aussie natural skincare
natural skincare products
natural hand care products australia
Australian natural skincare serum

Natural skincare in Australia – my final thoughts:

It really is exciting how much the skincare and beauty worlds are evolving. There are so many options out there, no matter your goals, and your budget. Our stance is pretty firm, as a business we only work with brands that align with our values. That means natural all the way! Whether it’s for user generated content, product photography shoots or full strategy and content packages – I don’t see that changing any time soon.

NFE Branding Co is a small natural light photography studio based in Newcastle, New South Wales. We love to photograph natural products in the health, wellness + beauty / skincare industries. If you’re an Aussie brand looking to elevate your website and social media visuals with stunning product photography, then lets chat! Together we can create images that not only showcase your products but also tell the story of your brand’s passion, innovation and commitment to embracing natural beauty.

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